Saturday, June 15, 2013

So long, Sallie Mae!

Goodbyes are often hard to do. In fact, saying goodbye to my best friend as she moved across the country was so difficult that I had to look at photos of Basset Hounds running on the beach to keep from tearing up at work. Seriously, I keep that page bookmarked at work so that I can laugh on those tough days.

But this is one goodbye that I love:

Paying off our student loans
We paid off a Sallie Mae loan!

Sallie Mae preys on the pockets of eager, fresh-faced college students. It's so good to have paid off our third loan with her (we had about eleven loans with Sallie Mae in total ... womp, womp).

One by one, we are paying off our loans. It's our goal to live a debt-free life. It's totally possible, and I could talk to you for hours about how great Dave Ramsey is and how much we love the teachings of Dave Ramsey, but I won't. Not yet.

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