Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry room makeover before and after

Let's face the facts: Our basement is not pretty.

Our laundry area looked like a dungeon where clothing begged and pleaded not to be left alone. Doing laundry is bad enough for most folks (I secretly enjoy it), but to have to do it down there is like being in a horror film.

The before:

This is pretty embarrassing. Sorry, Mom.

After cleaning out empty bottles, scrubbing the sink, hosing down the walls (I must have killed at least 20 spiders), sewing a sink skirt and a curtain and a minor bit of painting, the place looks one hundred times better.

Basement laundry room makeover
The cabinet on the far wall is actually from our original kitchen. I painted it and sewed a curtain using the same material that I used on the bookcase-turned-bar in our living room.

Sew a $6 skirt for a cast iron sink. Use a dowel and over-the-door hooks to hang it.
Sink skirt is sewed from three yards of muslin and held by a dowel and two over-the-door hooks.

The plant had been broken out of the pot, so I snagged this little lady for $4 from Marshall's!

Basement laundry room makeover

Put detergent in cute glass jars instead of the bulky boxes.
Because making things cute is fun.

Basement laundry makeover

Cost breakdown:
3 yards of muslin from Joann = $6
1 dowel from Home Depot = $1
2 over-the-door hooks from Target = $3
1 Plant from Marshall's = $4
2 glass jars from Marshall's= $10
1 rug from Marshall's = $10
Total Spent = $34

This area will never be glamorous, but I certainly think it looks much better, and less like a torture chamber.

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